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    RT-AC5300 w/ Xfinity Gigabit - dhcp issues.

    I also had this same issue with by 1GB comcast / CM1000 docsis3.1 / AC-5300 combo. Every single time I would restart the router I would get the ISP DCHP not functioning issue . Screwed around with the router config for several days until I discovered the problem was the modem. The solution...
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    ASUS3200 2.4Ghz wireless issue

    I too had this same issue with my AC3200 but it did not appear to be based on distance. Randomly I would not be able to connect Apple devices (iphone and ipad) just as described above. Resetting network never solved it. Never seemed to impact clients other than Apple. Only solution was to...
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    2.4Ghz Auto Control Channel selection issues

    I have noticed that my Auto Selection Control Channel is always 6 and single channeled at 20 mhz. Every time I check my site survey, it continually shows that channels 1 and 11 have very weak or no neighborhood traffic, and 6 has multiple hits with strong signals. The results are similar for...