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    Connect 2 or more PCs using a non-manage switch

    Been a few years since I had a network set up without using a router acting as DHCP, but always set the PCs up with a manually assigned IP in the range - e.g., etc. Go to the IPv4-settings for the adapters in Windows, and you can set the IP manually. Also...
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    USB WiFi 6-adapters available?

    Yeah, I agree - these usb-adapters will not be the huge market it once maybe was, but was a bit strange that we hadn't seen anything announced.
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    USB WiFi 6-adapters available?

    Well, if the will 6E I suspect they will be able to over 5 GHz also. At the same time, my guess could that we would see without 6 GHz support to make the cheaper models. And for large parts of the world, it could still be quite a while before 6E can legally be used. Well, maybe I should look...
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    USB WiFi 6-adapters available?

    Is there any WiFi 6-compatible USB-dongles available? Anyone seen info on products that have been announced at all?
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    6 GHz Wi-Fi Gets Closer

    6E can have it advantages without client support. E.g. as backhaul for mesh-solutions, where the communication to clients still mainly will be on 5 GHz.
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    Question on 5ghz channels

    Having this separation would be the best, as long as you have devices that support the higher channels. Not many devices I have had issues with (and I have experience with a lot of devices...), but some quite old and a couple of Asus WiFi PCIe-cards (PCE-AC66 or PCE-AC68 - but there is a driver...
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    Asus RT-88U or Netgear R7000 as ap

    Is this about which router you should have in your home and which you should have in your shop? I would have used the Asus-router as the main router connected to my internet connection, and then ran the R7000 in AP-mode in the shop. I earlier used a RT-AC3200 as my main router at home, and...
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    Are wireless antennas generic?

    I'm no expert on the subject..... Do a degree, there is not large differences I will assume - of course, there are some very different fundamental designs (omni vs. directional, how much gain, dipole vs monopole etc. For directional antennas, the designs are quite different. ). I would _guess_...
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    CableLabs Thinks Two Channels Are Better Than One

    At least for mobile devices, a dual-band solution where both bands is in use at the same time, might have impact on batterytime. For for solutions where power usage is not that important, it can be quite interesting. A "asymmetrisk" solution with use of different channels, where upstream had...
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    Multicast block openvpn bridge with IGMP snooping on

    RT-AC68U as Sever: bridge name bridge id STP enabled interfaces br0 8000.74d02b64f868 yes vlan1 eth1 eth2 tap21 RT-AC87U as Client: bridge name bridge id STP enabled...
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    Multicast block openvpn bridge with IGMP snooping on

    I need the multicasts, which I got over the VPN. But in addition I need the rest of the traffic to go over VPN when I use TAP.
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    Multicast block openvpn bridge with IGMP snooping on

    Hi, Late feedback, but "project" have been on hold for a while. I havn't tried your config, but my experience so far; Running RT-AC68U as Server and RT-AC87U as client. I have only used a setup which includes using the GUI. With a TAP-configuration, I get the multicasts over - this because the...
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    Multicast block openvpn bridge with IGMP snooping on

    Hi, What settings did you use on the RT-AC68 to get it to tunnel multicast? I'm currently trying to get IPTV to work over a VPN between a RT-AC68 on a site where there is IPTV, and connect this with a RT-AC66U on a different site. I have OpenVPN up and running, but don't get any signal on the...
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    Asus PPTP VPN and Multicast

    So far I used basicly the default settings. As for IP-range, I've used for the LAN and for VPN. I could find any Transelation-mode-settings for PPTP.
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    Asus PPTP VPN and Multicast

    Hi, Is it possible to get multicast-traffic over the PPTP VPN-solution on the Asus-routers (e.g. my Rt-AC68U). I have a solution where my iPad will send out a request over Simple Service Discovery Protocol (a part of UPnP - sending a multicast on port 1900, which the other device...