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    How to access modem through router?

    It looks like too much of a hassle in general. Thanks anyway.
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    WNDR4300 stand

    I can't find this information anywhere. WNDR4300 comes with a stand and on every picture the stand is attached to the router's left side - that makes the top of the router on the left, bottom on the right. Can it be attached the other way around?
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    How to access modem through router?

    Linksys WAG200G as a bridged modem (, Asus DSL-N14U B1 as a router (newest firmware,; yes, I know it has an ADSL modem built-in). I can connect to the modem by: 1. Plugging it directly to a PC. 2. Plugging it into my router's LAN port. 3. Plugging it into the WAN port...
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    How to access modem through router?

    I can change my modem's IP to whatever I want, that's why I'm asking if is fine or should I set it differently. I think I understand the problem now and it requires me to use these scripts: 1...
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    How to access modem through router?

    I have a similar problem - I can't access my modem's UI when it's connected to the WAN port. It works if I connect it to a LAN port though. So how do I do this: using my routers web UI? Router's IP is Modem's IP - is fine? Then what do I put in those fields? (see attachment)
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    DSL-AC51 vs DSL-AC750

    Does anyone know what's the difference between these two routers? They appear to be the same, yet they have their own pages on Asus website. Their firmware has the same changelogs and the same size, but different hash and DSL-AC750 gets it's firmware a few months after DSL-AC51. Also why their...