merlin 384.13

  1. Layllah

    R7000 From Kong to Merlin or Voxel, Tomato, Open-WRT Eko or BrainSlayer!

    Apparently I asked a FORBIDDEN question whoops been studying since 5:00 am EST sorry about that. Oh well back to the drawing board. I had high hopes for that, What a let down.
  2. E

    Password failed after restoration ASUS RT-AC86U

    Hello, I have an ASUS RT-AC86U with Merlin firmware 384.13. I have restore an old save but when i try to connect, password is different as my used password. Do you know if merlin firmware change password when we use restore ? Thank's Stephane
  3. R

    Unable to get AiMesh working with AX88U and AC3100

    Hi All, I've scoured the internet and forums, but could not find the answer to my AiMesh problem. I have an RT-AX88U (Merlin 384.13) as my AiMesh Router and an RT-AC3100 (Stock as my AiMesh node. Here are the steps I take to set-up AiMesh: Factory reset the AC3100...
  4. TheKolaNN

    ASUS.COM DDNS issue

    Hello, I have a question if anybody came into an issue with DDNS from ASUS.COM. My IP is not updating to the service. Can anyone help with interpretation of logs plese? Logs: Oct 20 17:51:40 rc_service: httpd 344:notify_rc restart_ddns_le Oct 20 17:51:41 start_ddns: update WWW.ASUS.COM...
  5. R

    AC68U openvpn issue

    Hi, I have some issue when setting up the openvpn server. My firmware version is 384.13. I exported the configure file and imported on my android phone, which is running android 10. I am using UDP wiht 1194. My ac68u is behind a modem/router. Port forwarding is setup on the modem. I can connect...