Attaching fans to AC68u. What tape/adhesive to use?

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I use rubber bands. Easy to remove and clean. 3M scotch tape is more elegant though (and probably looks nicer). The fan I ripped out of a laptop cooler, 3 small fans with speed control all through a single USB jack.


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Sorry the missus buys the veggies and we have a collection of rubber bands in the kitchen.

But I'll pick celery because for my area the broccoli comes loose.
oops just saw this after posting - mine are the same type! But red :D

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I have been using this 3M since 2017 and it still intact.


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FWIW, I added one of these:

...and temp dropped almost 20° F within 10 minutes. The fan has a pot to control speed, and it makes very little sound.

I plugged the power into a USB AC adapter, which is plugged into a KMC 70011 smart plug (running Tasmota 8.4) which reports to HA via MQTT. The smart plug is controlled by an automation based on the temperature reported by the router, it turns itself on > 140° F and off below 140.

It has very effectively fixed the problem of me having an extra $15, a spare 70011 smart plug, and 15 minutes to kill. It worked splendidly to address these issues, and no others.


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Yup, 3M Molding Tape is ideal.

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