AX92U OpenVPN Server bug ?


New Around Here
Here's the description of the problem:
1. Asus RT-AX92U with OpenVPN server enabled
2. Firmware
3. To succesfully generate the client profile (ovpn flle) I needed to reset the router to factory defaults and configure it once again from the scratch (router could not finish the generation process)
4. During this configuration I created an OpenVPN user (let's call him userx) with appropriate password
5. Configured OpenVPN clients on windows and linux machines, which use this userx to connect to this router. Everything went fine.
6. After that I created the second user (let's call him usery)
7. usery cannot connect to OpenVPN server running on this router (userx still can do that without any problems)
8. I deleted userx account from OpenVPN server.
9. result: still can log into the server, using userx account. And still CANNOT log into this server using usery account

It seems, that there's something wrong somewhere between GUI and OpenVPN server synchronization. Or maybe I do not understand something? But exactly the same configuration (OpenVPN server with more, than one user, works fine on my oldie but goldie RT-N66U ...


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