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I have to change my network - builders cutting my hard wired network did not leave me a choice.

I have a ASUS RT-AS87U wireless router configured as an AP. It used to be hard wired to a Virgin Media HUB3.

The suggestion is to configure HUB3 as a modem and add a MESH Wireless device to link to the existing AS87U wirelessly.

The question is what ASUS device would be best? I'm reluctant to dump the RT-AS87U.

Any suggestions would be welcome.


Asuswrt-Merlin dev
RT-AC87U does not support AiMesh.


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If this is only a temporary solution until you can repair the broken Ethernet cable you could try putting the Asus into "repeater mode" assuming the Hub's WiFi will reach.


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Thank you for replying.

I hadn’t thought of using the AS87U as a repeater. Good idea and as a stand in and it would mean I can retire the cable laid across the carpets.

I’d like to find a way of making it permanent and keeping the AS87U. It looks as though the latter is not on. Any suggestion as a MESH set up - low cost would be good.

Any suggestion would be most welcome.


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That's RT-AC87U, not AS87U. ;)

I can't help with any mesh recommendations as I don't use it. But obviously it would require you to buy two new devices and leave the RT-AC87U redundant.

Check what kind of throughput you're currently getting in repeater mode because if it's very poor then replacing it with something with "mesh" written on the box won't make it any better.


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A little feedback.

I tested the idea of using the RT-AC87U as a repeater and it worked. As a short term it would have been ok but not very stable. Streaming NetFlix was buffering too often.

However I have gone for TP-Link Deco set up. It will be interesting to see if it lives up to the promis of the reviews.

Replacing the cables is now on back burner!!!!

Thank you again.


Part of the Furniture
Thanks for the update @SebastionDarcy. Please let us know how you get on with the Decos as I'm sure there are many people that would be interested.

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