Fiber download starts slow then slowly increase?

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Matthew Patrick

Senior Member
Hey guys. So I just moved to another isp and something has been bugging the heck out of me. The download isnt like instant 50mbps. It starts slow. Like it's capped to 7-10mbps. Then after a few seconds it goes to 20mbps. Wait a few seconds. Then it goes to my 50mbps plan. It's very weird. The upload is fine tho. Instant 50mbps. Tried using vpn etc. And it's the same thing . So it seems like they're doing something... Here's my screen record

I can't upload videos here...


Very Senior Member
probably server side lag in the test. Or lag across the internet somewhere, including the ISP. Your upload is buffered locally.
what are the ping times ?

Matthew Patrick

Senior Member
No no. The thing that's doing this seems to be the isp. I've tried using a vpn and it's the exact same. It is like this on all things. Even .. and yeah upload is buffered locally but I don't see any relations to the download slowness? Since downloading should work just fine in 50mbps from the first time since you don't need to cache it
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