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Help me set up my network (ax92u - 2xac66u B1)


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I have been pretty happy with my setup consisting of ac66u b1 main router on merlins frimware and another ac66u b1 on dd-wrt in client mode to extend wifi range. For a while I have been thinking of upgrading the main to get better vpn performance and maybe run adblock, torrent and samba server in addition.

Black friday rolls up and on impulse I pick up the ax92u thinking it will suit me well. I hook it up and set up openvpn client to check the performance. I get around 100mbits which is a good improvement so I am happy so far. Then i look for the settings to set up conditions for the vpn client and cant find them. Ok, I realize stock asus firmware does not have the functionality i need so i go to download merlin. Ooops, no merlin support for this router. This means I can not use the ax92u as my main router as I need to be able to selectively route through the vpn.

I could return the ax92u, but I like the vpn performance and got such a good price on it that I would prefer to keep it and use it as a vpn server and client. How can I set this up the best way?

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