How far should I place a pair of Zenwifi xt8?

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I bought a pair of Zenwifi xt8 and tried to cover a 2 stories 3000 sq ft. house. Walls are all drywall so no concrete.

Unfortunately my internet port is set up at one side of the house and I cannot do any cable routing because it's not my house.

The place I place my master node is facing downstairs hallway, the most ideal for second node is probably within 3-5m away from master node in the hallway. But there is no place and no power outlet for me to do that. Therefore I need to place it a lot further like 8m away and around the corner or in a room. And when I do that, the backhaul signal is weak using 2.4Ghz. yes I makes sense.

So my question is, if I want to get best node signal, should I place the second node upstairs right above the master node because it's my computer room. And it has only floor separating but it is within 3m. Or should I find a way to place second node on hallway within 3-5m? Does it matter if I place it around corner or second node must be within line of sight of master node?



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Hard and maybe not relevant to offer theory answers. Easier to just test it yourself and use the one you find works better.

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I have one floor separating mine and the node is about 12 meters away and it works fine with Wi-Fi backhaul. 3-5 meters space between them is way too close to one another.


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As a very general rule, I would suggest placing the node at a location where you get about half of the signal strength, and then see that the original dead spots are now getting propre coverage.

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