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IP Camera, Smarthomes and LINUX


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Hello SNB Forum,

I can see several threads here that pick up the topic of how to integrate an IP camera - locally running, not a cloud camera - into smarthome setup.

QNAP, Synology, ASUSTOR, etc. are the obvious turn-key solutions. But is anyone here interested in building their own system? Maybe on a Raspberry Pi - or more likely something a little bit more powerful if you want to handle video streams from several cameras, e.g. Intel NUC ?

I built several solutions for this based on free, open-source software. Those can handle everything from software-based motion detection, video recording to automating tasks for IP cameras - like automated camera tours, environment variables that switch the alarm on/off depending on if you are home or not... etc.

Among the software I used are MotionEye, Shinobi, ioBroker, Node-RED, Home Assistant and a few more.

Anyone else here who is using them? Or interested in getting started?

kind regards


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