LAN Admin (UI) constantly spinning

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Hi Guys,

I had my router set to access the LAN admin page via HTTPS.

This was not working and resulted in waiting a long time for the login page to show up.

I SSH'ed to the device and executed - nvram set http_enable=0;nvram commit;service restart_httpd

The login page loads up very very fast but as soon as I input my credentials, it goes it a never ending spin.

Tried via Chrome, Safari.

I am using a MAC and have disabled any blocking type extensions in Chrome however, Safari is clean of extensions so I cleared my entire history and still the same problem.

Any help or advice on how I can get to the GUI to update my FW please? or is there a way to update the FW via SSH?


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Hard rebooted the router and now I can access the admin page AND router settings quickly.

Upgrading FW right now.

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