LEDs with Mesh-Nodes

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I operate a small Ai-Mesh Network consisting of a ax11000 router with two ax92 nodes (attached to the ax11000 via cable). With one of the nodes I would like to turn off the LEDs as the node is directly behind my television and the blinking can be irritating.

I have not found an option to turn off the nodes' LEDs in the main router's setting. Is this just not there, or am I looking in the wrong place?

Many thanks for your help



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Administration > System > Basic > WPS button behaviour > to turn LED on/off.


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It's also here on my XT8

AiMesh > Select node > management > LED.


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@Merlin has created a script to turn the LEDs off/on found in the Wiki: https://github.com/RMerl/asuswrt-merlin.ng/wiki/Scheduled-LED-control

If you're trying to do this on a Mesh Node, you can SSH into the Mesh using the Router's ID/PW and then issue SSH commands on the remote Mesh node:

nvram set led_disable=0
service restart_leds
nvram commit

where 0 = LEDs 'on' and 1 = LEDs 'off'.

I do this for my Mesh node in the bedroom.

Tommy Grace

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I can disable my Asus Lyra Mini LED from the ASUS app on my iphone. Just on global setting under the AiMEsh node.

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