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Losing Web Access Daily


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I am not sure if this is the correct forum to post this question on, so please let me know.

For the last couple of days (maybe 3), I have had to unplug and replug my ASUS AC3200 router running the latest Merlin firmware. IRC works fine, SMTP, IMAP work fine, but HTTP and HTTPS just stop working and claim that DNS is not working or the websites are not responding.

I have looked through these forums hoping that someone else had already asked this question, but found nothing. It happens every day around 7:30pm. It's strange that the only protocols (or maybe ports) affected involve web traffic. I have my own Motorola modem that I have connected to Comcast Cable. I'm paying for 1Gb access speeds. I also have a second ASUS AC87u that I am using as an access point with the same SSID/Password connected via Cat6 to my main router. The problem appears to affect both the wireless and wired devices.

I am not sure what I should be looking for in the logs or why the logs aren't listed sequentially by date. I have a lot of May 7, 2020 entries, then some Aug 8, 2020 entries, then some more May 7 entries, then some Aug 9 Entries. It's really strange.

Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this problem and ultimately what I need to do to fix it? Thanks in advance for any advice.


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May 5 dates in the syslog suggest a reboot occurred. Post your syslog to confirm. Use pastebin.com.


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I have seen this on my router, AX88U, since 384.15, mine often lasted a few days before it would happen. Right at the point it did it the log would have lots of DHCPREQUESTs and DHCPACK but not DHCPOFFERs and then the devices don't think they have internet. Often occurred when I booted a device. I have seen a few other users with similar scenarios but most didn't post logs. I tried 384.16 with a full reset and it still did it - seemed random times on mine not every day and could go days or weeks.

I'm currently on 384.17 - bizarrely without a full reset, just a dirty upgrade and it is much better - I've only had about 2-3 issues in 3 months, but when it does happen - same thing in the logs.

I'm sorry I couldn't isolate exactly what was happening and can't offer a solution, other than you are not alone!


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I've occassionally experienced freezes and reboots when I remained logged into the router, particularly on the QoS - WAN/LAN Bandwidth Monitor page. The log fills with TCP bucket overflow messages and then locks up. This stopped happening when I stopped being obsessive about watching the inner functions of the router (I got some hydraulic help with that ;) ).

Not that this is the situation here, but something to think about: log out of the Merlin UI when you're not actively checking something.


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Well, Pork, nothing is conclusive, but your log shows some minor findings:
  • is making a lot of noise. Whatever this device is, it’s a noisemaker. See if the needs to be reset or get a firmware update.
  • Maybe consider setting a fixed 5GHz channel instead of Auto.
May be a power supply issue if it persists. A factory reset would also be worthwhile if it persists.
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Thanks for your time. I will do as you suggest. Glad to know that I am not the only one to have this problem. I'll report back if I find the solution or the culprit. Thanks again for your help.

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