Openvpn without wan

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Well, I have the ASUS RT-AC66U router, and I would like to use the VPN client option, but due to the configuration I have to connect to the internet, I could not use the wan port, since from where I connect it passes several network hubs, and i think the only option i would have would be to connect it without using wan port. I hope I have explained myself well, greetings and thanks


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I could not use the wan port, since from where I connect it passes several network hubs
I have no idea what this means. But regardless, if you do NOT use the WAN, but only the LAN side of the router, it's hit or miss whether the OpenVPN client is bound only to the WAN, or if you're lucky, both WAN and LAN. It just varies from firmware to firmware. In the worst case, you could install third-party firmware (e.g., FreshTomato, dd-wrt) which often binds all network interfaces (WAN and LAN) to the OpenVPN client (iirc, Merlin does NOT).

Also, when using the LAN side for the OpenVPN client, the only device that will benefit from the OpenVPN client will be the RT-AC66U itself (which is probably not what you want). Other devices are only affected when they are being routed (not switched) through that router (i.e., active WAN). The only way to make that happen w/ a LAN-only config would be to change the default gateway of those other devices to that of the RT-AC66U, which is often problematic since the primary router (at least when using OEM firmware) typically offers no such options. It almost always requires clients use *it* and only it as their default gateway.

But again, I don't understand if this need to NOT use the WAN is necessary or warranted. Your statement is just too vague for me to know for sure.

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