Problems with RT-AC86U and AsusWRT-Merlin 384.19

Emanuel Paul

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Hi. Today I upgraded from 384.18 to 384.19. After that I found out that all entries of manual IP's are gone. Also the names of the devices where changed. So I added the manual IP's again and renamed the devices. After a reboot of the router everything is gone again. So I thought, it might be a problem with the new firmware and downgraded to 384.18. But now I can't login anymore...

Has 384.19 problems with manual IP's? Or did I not realize that this problem was there already before? I only know that it worked in the past.

Any idea how to login again, without resetting the router completely?


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@Emanuel Paul if you've upgraded then downgraded you will have to factory reset. Passwords are encrypted when a new flash / down grade happens and locks you out.



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Did you backup your jffs partition before the upgrade and then format and restore jffs afterwards, as stated in the release notes?

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