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RT-AC5300 Network Monitoring

Discussion in 'ASUS AC Routers & Adapters' started by outlaw78, May 14, 2019.

  1. outlaw78

    outlaw78 Occasional Visitor

    Jan 1, 2018
    I recently discovered the "Network Monitoring" in the stock firmware for the RT-AC5300. I did some research and set it up like Asus's website says. I used google with the following entries:

    Resolve Hostname: www.google.com
    Resolved IP Addresses:

    I also used ping in coordination with it at google.com

    I also set the NTP to time.google.com

    After a few minutes, the WAN light turns red, internet drops out and then comes back. The network page of the router also confirms it at the top where the network connection information is displayed. When this happened, I disabled it. The red light on the front of the router does not come on and I maintain internet. However, on the network page of the router, the WAN information keeps going back and forth from disconnected to connected even though I don't loose internet. If you click the icon next to the information, it confirms the internet is still up even when it says its down.

    I am using google's DNS servers of and I have also switched to my IP's DNS servers to no avail.

    Any ideas as to why the network detection did not work and why is it still flashing disconnected/connected on the router network page now?

    ALso, with the firmware that was released yesterday, the network map is working better now, but I still have a printer that drops off and comes back that is hardwired. Also, I loose my NAS devices from the list if I do a reboot of the router. Only way to get them to show again is to reboot the NAS itself. The devices are still connected, they just don't show in the list anymore.
  2. outlaw78

    outlaw78 Occasional Visitor

    Jan 1, 2018
    I think I may have figured out how to fix this. I don't seem to be plagued with the problem anymore. I am not using Network Monitoring at all. I think it was related to the NTP server. I got a notification finally that the NTP wasn't syncing with my chosen NTP Server.

    1. Changed to ISP provided DNS from google on "WAN"
    2. Changed "NTP Server" to "pool.ntp.org" from "time.google.com" under "Administration > System"
    3. Checked the boxes "DNS query" and "Ping" in "Network monitoring" under "Administration > System" and cleared the entries and then un-checked those boxes again (Apparently it holds the settings even when un-checked)
    4. Changed back to google DNS on "WAN"
    5. Reset "NTP server" back to "time.google.com"
    6. Waited a few minutes and then refreshed the "System" page under "Administration".

    VOILA! My router time has now synced with time.google.com and I no longer have the error about the time not syncing in system settings. Also, the internet no longer flashes "Not Connected" at the top of the network page.
    Hope this helps anyone else out there.