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B O Terry

New Around Here
I had a client request adding a firewall to their SoHo setup. They work from home and have one user that remotes into a computer using LogMeIn. They use some property management software and the company suggested adding a firewall but won't go as far as to recommend one (Already approved of the backup and AV in place). I will potentially recommend this to other clients as well. My typical client is less than 5 computers and does not have a server. In today's climate, things I need to consider are:

The scenario listed above which is currently using AT&T Arris Gateway and Netgear AP
Homes with remotely learning
Corporate work from home
Relatively easy setup and management
Preferably no subscription for management
Compatible with existing AP / MESH systems (understanding that remote management may require direct access to a computer on the network to manage this piece)

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