The Need for Speed.

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I have skimmed through the threads on this forum and many have complained of this same issue. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen the fix. I am hoping I just missed the solution somewhere.

Asus AC3100 router
ISP speed 720 Mps down.
Coda modem bridged.

Firmware Version 384.19
Firmware Build Fri Aug 14 19:18:02 UTC 2020 [email protected]
Bootloader (CFE)
Driver version wl0: Mar 12 2020 14:48:02 version (r785059) FWID 01-1684a258

With the computer hardwired to the Coda the speed is about 720 Mps. With the Coda connected to the Asus router and then the Asus router connected to the computer, the speed is greatly reduced to approximately 280 Mps. I should also add… The wireless speed is also throttled down to 280 Mps.

With the Coda connected to a D-Link DIR-868L router and then the D-Link router connected to the computer, the speed is 720 Mps.

So, there is a bandwidth restrictor of some sort in the Asus routers.

I have read the threads and my general settings are correct. Was there ever a solution to this problem, maybe an older firmware version where this problem didn’t exist?



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What does it say next to Tools > System Information > HW acceleration ?


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Strange. Have you tried turning off the power to the cable modem, waiting 5 minutes, and then turning it back on again?


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Yes, i have rebooted both devices many times (Coda and Asus). I've even done factory resets on both devices. By reading the threads, it appears to be a firmware issue, i just need to know how far back i have to go... and then how to overwrite the current firmware with an older version.



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Place the ASUS router between the modem and the D-link, but only as a bridge.


I want to know if the problem is confined specifically to the WAN and routing, or perhaps the ASUS router in general, regardless if routed or bridged. I strongly suspect the former, but might as well eliminate the latter as a possibility.


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It's going to be a case of trial and trials. I'm still browsing through the threads in this forum and i've found more and more cases of asus having too many router settings for their own good. This site is a wealth of information, unfortunately half of what's being explained goes right over my head. On/off i understand.

This thread looks promising.

In another thread i read, a woman was sounding heart broken, having spent so much money on a asus router that gives their family the speed of dial-up, what are her and her husband going to do? I actually felt sorry for her. I would have given her my router but she'd have been no better off.


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For those who find this thread at a later date.

The only acceptable solution i could find. I bought a netgear gs305 switch.

Cable from my bridged coda modem to the netgear 5 port switch. Cable from the switch to my computer, download speed 720 mbps. The Lan ports on the asus ac3100 router will NOT be used. Something inside the router is throttling the outputs.

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