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TRENDnet Adds Router Limits Bandwidth Monitoring and Speed Test Support

Discussion in 'General Wireless Discussion' started by Julio Urquidi, Jul 17, 2019.

  1. Julio Urquidi

    Julio Urquidi News Editor

    Apr 12, 2016
    The two new Router Limits network management features will be available via free firmware download from TRENDnet, and applicable to these three TRENDnet routers:
    • AC3000 Tri-Band Wireless Gigabit Dual-WAN VPN SMB Router (TEW-829DRU)
    • AC2600 MU-MIMO WiFi Router (TEW-827DRU)
    • Gigabit Multi-WAN VPN Business Router (TWG-431BR) [Coming Soon]
    Broken down per user, bandwidth monitoring gives TRENDnet customers the ability to track upload and download activity using a real-time chart of what is being consumed at any given time.

    For speed testing, admins can remotely test their connection’s speed, between the router and the internet, giving them a better idea of what overall performance is like.

    Available now, the latest TRENDnet firmware updates for the TEW-829DRU and TEW-827DRU are downloadable from the company’s website.
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  2. hyelton

    hyelton Senior Member

    Jan 2, 2013
    Any screenshots of this?
  3. MrMojo15

    MrMojo15 New Around Here

    Feb 26, 2020
    Few weeks ago, I enabled Router Limits option on my Trendnet TEW-827DRU Router. I just selected “Enabled without bandwidth monitoring” option. My kids were complaining they can’t open some sites/documents from their school. I’ve disabled Router Limits and everything went back to normal. Yesterday I want it to try again. Again, kids couldn’t open some documents when Router Limits is enabled. This morning my wife was working from home. She connects to VPN work and tried opening share drive from work. She could not open shared drive from work. I disabled Router Limits and everything was back to normal. As I mentioned, I’m not using any other option to block any sites or anything. The only option I’ve selected is “Enabled without bandwidth monitoring” and no other options were selected. Router Limits is a good idea, but it’s not working for us. If my wife can’t access shared drives from work and kids can’t access their homework from school’s web site, Router Limits is useless for us. And yes I have latest firmware version.