Upgrading my SB6141 cable modem

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I swapped out my personal Motorola SB6141 for a Spectrum Model 86 (Ubee E31N2V1/E31T2V1/E31U2V1).

Speedtest results look similar 230/11 (down/up) for a 200/10 advertised service.

Is the latter better in any other way (more channels, etc)? I hear the SB6141 has 8/4 channels (down/up), while the Ubee has 32/8, so what performance improvement should I expect to see?

I might eventually upgrade to 400/20, and the SB6141 won't suffice.


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Here's an interesting commentary on that modem:
Long story short: presuming you get a Broadcom-based model, you're probably good to go. If there's any suspicion of Intel Puma in there, even though most of the pitfalls have been supposedly patched, I'd still pay the piper for my own Broadom-based 32x8 Docsis 3.1 model: a Motorola MB8600, Arris SB8200 or Netgear CM1000/1100.

Regarding channel count, yes, more is generally better in both directions. Having more ability to lock onto more channels means a better shot at highest service quality and bandwidth share in times of maximum subscriber contention.


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Turns out my Spectrum modem is actually a Ubee EU2251, which is similar to the E31U2V1 but supports 2.5Gbps.
Not sure which chipset it uses.

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